World Affairs Seminar

The Florence Rotary Club is proud to support and participate in the World Affairs Seminar. The World Affairs Seminar (WAS) is a unique interactive educational program for high school students. The week-long experience provides an opportunity for international students from a variety of backgrounds to discuss issues in a non-threatening environment. They experience new and different ideas and viewpoints brought forward both by their colleagues and by world renowned experts. In small and large groups students discuss information and ideas and put their new knowledge to use. Through public policy simulations they work through the complex interactions of different countries, corporations and organizations to develop their own policy initiative. The university setting provides a college-like experience, including use of the residence halls and campus dining. Throughout the week students have time for recreational activities which bring greater awareness and understanding of the world around them. Critical thinking, negotiation skills and the process of learning about new friends from around the world are all part of this incredible experience.

Since WAS first accepted students in 1972, over 27,000 future world leaders have participated. Many have stayed in touch with the friends they made at WAS, forming business relationships, political contacts and family friendships.

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